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Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with Position Sensor

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with Position Sensor MHP320_pPosition Sensing Cylinder – DOUBLE ACTING HYDRAULIC CYLINDER with Position Sensors

Cylinder Specifications (double acting)
Nominal working pressure: 250 bar (25 MPa)
Maximum working pressure: 320 bar (32 MPa)
Liner: E355 SR EN 10305 -1 steel liner, polished inside Ra End plug: S355JR – ASTM A105 steel
Rod: Steel alloy 42CrMo4 +QT chromed Ra 9 ISO 10289.
Corrosion resistant rods on request 500h, 1000h
Pilot boss: Steel C45.
Piston: Steel C45

Integrated linear position sensor:
Magnetostrictive “no contact” technology guarantees long lasting performance. Connecting system with M12 IP67 connectors. Can be provided with analogue output (in voltage or current) or digital (PWM/CAN/J1939).
For more information please contact our technical office.

Sealing system:
Double rod seal, main one in PTFE + Bronze and secondary one in polyurethane. Piston seal in PTFE + Bronze with energizing ring in NBR90 and anti-extrusion rings in PTFE.
Rod and piston seals in phenolic resin. O-rings in NBR70,
Anti-extrusion rings in polyester.

Hydraulic testing:
Each cylinder undergoes hydraulic testing at 350 bars (35 MPa) of pressure.

Terms and conditions:

Cylinders are supplied unassembled with feed ports closed with threaded, sealed plugs. Special coatings can be applied on customer request.

Suggested fluid:
hydraulic mineral oil, minimum filtration fineness 19/15 a, ISO 4406.

Operating temperature: from -20°C to 80°C. It is recommended to maintain fluid temperatures of 40÷50°C
while in operation in order to maximize seal life.